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Winter Wonderland Party


This is a great party to hold in the winter or to cool down in July. Decorate with lots of silver, white and icy blue streamers, snowflakes, balloons and icicles. You can even create snow drifts using cotton batting.

If the party is being held later in the day, use garden lanterns to light the space.

Food Suggestions:

Comfort food is on the menu. Try meatballs, macaroni and cheese, and hot chocolate.

Rice Krispies* Treat:

This calls for the classic recipe. Press the mixture firmly into a cookie sheet so they are about 2 cm thick. Once cooled, cut out using a snowflake cookie cutter. Cover the treats with white icing and decorate with edible silver balls and sprinkles.

Games Activities:

Head outdoors for ice skating or a tallest snowman building contest.

Create your own indoor snowman. Split the kids into teams. Give each team a snowman making kit including a roll of toilet paper or paper towels, construction paper, elastics, felt, glue and any other items you may find. Have each team choose a Snowkid from their team. Each team wraps their Snowkid with toilet paper, and decorates with accessories. Award prizes for fastest, most creative, etc.

Using empty, clean baby food jars, let kids create their own snow globes. Provide decorating essentials like figurines that can be found in cake decorating stores, and glitter. Using clay, attach figurines to the inside of the lid and secure with hot glue (adult job). Fill the jar (about 2/3 of the way) with cold water and add glitter, foil snowflakes or anything else that's snow-like. Put the lid on the jar and seal with hot glue. Flip over and cover the lid with ribbon.

Here's a snowball fight that won't melt! Make "snowballs" out of white tissue paper. Split the kids into two teams. Mark a line on the floor and each team stands on one side of the line. Play a wintery song when the song is over, the time is up. The team with the fewest snowballs on their side is the snowball champion.

Goody Bags:

Send everyone home with mittens, earmuffs and their crafty snow globe.

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