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valentines party

Valentine’s Party


Red, white and pink decorations, like streamers and heart shaped balloons will have everyone feeling like cupid.

If the party is being held later in the day, use garden lanterns to light the space.

Food Suggestions:

Serve heart shaped pancakes or waffles with strawberry sauce (or any other red sauce). With Love Potion (a sparkling red punch) with heart shaped ice cubes with raspberries frozen in them.

Prepare Pole Vault Triples for dessert and serve with chocolate fondue.

Rice Krispies* Treat:

Make Valentines Hearts. Let kids decorate their treat and write a message to their valentine.

Tip: Colour the coconut by soaking in warm water with a few drops of food colouring for about 30 minutes. Dry on a paper towel.

Games Activities:

Set bowls of cinnamon hearts on tables. Challenge kids to pick up as many hearts as they can using only chopsticks. This is a great game to play during lunch time.

Challenge kids to create the items Cupid needs. Set up stations, for different tasks. Kids do the tasks as quickly as they can. They could make a bow, with a coat hanger and string; 3 arrows with red feathers, a straw and a small suction cup; and a construction paper bag to carry the arrows. Whoever delivers all items to Cupid the fastest wins a Valentine's day surprise.

Played just like BINGO. Simply make cards with CUPID spelled out across the top. You can use an existing BINGO set with balls, and just replace the BINGO letters with CUPID letters when you call them out. Or, write down each number on a piece of paper, then pull them out of a hat, ex. C5, P27. Reward the first to get a line of 5 with a prize.

Hand out pieces of paper asking for a different piece of a love story (ex. A princess name, a place, etc.). Each piece should be numbered. Once every one is complete, have the kids read out their pieces of the story in the right order. Warning: may cause a serious case of the giggles.

Goody Bags:

Send everyone home with a thank-you valentine, their decorated Rice Krispies* treat and heart shaped candies.

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Valentine Hearts

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