Snap!* Crackle!* Pop!* Party


This is a really fun and noisy party for younger children. Decorate with lots of bluish and white decorations and hang noisemakers that the kids can grab to help decorate.

Food Suggestions

Food that makes noise; like snappy vegetable sticks, popcorn and blue crackle punch.

Crackle Punch
Prepare a blue-berry flavoured punch. After pouring into the child's glass, sprinkle with little candies – the kind that pop in your mouth. They'll make the punch crackle and fizz.

Rice Krispies* Treat:

Make a Rice Krispies birthday cake. Prepare the Rice Krispies Large Quantity recipe, and press into two identical pans. Once set, spread a thick layer of your favourite cake filling, like chocolate fudge, and sandwich with the top layer. Ice the cake and decorate.

Games Activities:

Musical Chairs
A favourite birthday party game. This time, mark the time to sit with a loud noise like a pop.

Snap!* Crackle!* Pop!* Band
Challenge the children to create their very own marching band. Provide them will all the tools needed to make their own instruments. Here is a list of supplies: paper plates, shoe boxes, paper towel rolls, tin cans (make sure there are no sharp edges), wrapping paper rolls, rubber bands, string, paste, tape, stapler, safety scissors, dried beans or lentils, popcorn kernels, small bells, marbles. Also, have markers and construction paper so they can decorate their instruments. Have them perform when their parents come to pick them up.

The Funniest Joke of All
Let each child take the stage to tell their very best joke. Have the children vote for their favourite joke (they can't vote for their own).

Balloon Pop
Split into 3 teams and assign each team a balloon colour, tie the balloons to their ankles. Put on music and let the teams face off as they try to stomp on each others balloons to POP them. Kids are eliminated once both their balloons are burst. The team with the last remaining balloon wins.

Goody Bags:

Fill the goody bag full of noise makers and yummy treats.


You may want to have some earplugs on hand; this party could get a little noisy!