Princess Party


Lots of pink and white decorations and two "thrones."

Food Suggestions

Dainty tea party foods like little finger sandwiches and hors d'oeuvres. Serve the guests tea sweetened herbal fruit tea like strawberry and apple; or pink drinks like pink lemonade or sparkling cranberry juice.

Rice Krispies* Treat:

A cake fit for a princess. Prepare a large quantity batch of the Original recipe. Press the mixture into round cake pans in three different sizes. Once set, remove from the pans and stack like a wedding cake. Cover the "cake" with pink or white icing and decorate with candy flowers. Place a plastic princess doll on the cake top.


Played just like musical chairs, but the winner gets to sit in the second throne (the first throne is reserved for the host).

The Princesses Tiara
Let each guest decorate a plain tiara (found in craft stores). Some decorations are glitter, feathers and "jewels".

Frog Prince
Played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but instead, pin the lips on the frog. Draw a simple frog on a piece of poster board, and give each girl a pair of cut-out lips to kiss the frog with.

Sleeping Princess
Select a "Queen". The princesses form a circle facing one another, close their eyes and lie down. The "Queen" tells a story while walking around the circle to select a "Snooze Fairy" (tap on the head). When the story is over, everyone sits-up. The "Snooze Fairy" winks at princesses to put them back to sleep If an awake princess knows the identity of the "Snooze Fairy" they may make one guess if correct, they become the "Queen," if incorrect, they too fall asleep. If no princess guesses correctly, the "Snooze Fairy" becomes the "Queen."

Goody Bags:

Fill a small pink make-up bag or pencil case with lots of girly stuff like lip balm, a candy necklace, and any other appropriate girly items.


Invite the girls to attend the party dressed in their best princess wear. Have old shirts on hand the children can wear during craft time.