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Beach Party

Gross-Out Party


Fill the party room with lots of green and purple decorations. Rope off the "activity" areas with yellow caution tape. Hide plastic snakes, rodents and spiders around the room. Make a giant cobweb out of yarn.

Food Suggestions:

Let the kids top their own pizzas. Have lots of yummy ingredients, but toss in a few gross looking but yummy additions. Serve purple punch.

Rice Krispies* Treat:

Make spooky Spider Treats for dessert, the recipe can be found in the Special Occasions Halloween section.

Games Activities:

Challenge kids to locate items in a bowl and transport them to another bowl let younger kids use their hands, older kids have to use their mouths (if using mouths, provide a fresh bowl for each child).

Write different types of food on pieces of paper and put in a hat. Have the children choose a paper to discover their food challenge. Give each 2 minutes to eat their item. Some ideas are canned beets, brussel sprouts, crushed pineapple, creamed corn and canned ham.

Mix 1/2 cup of boiled water with 3 envelopes of unflavoured gelatin let it soften for a few minutes and stir with a fork. Add about 1/2 cup of corn syrup. Let them add food colouring to personalize it. As the mixture sets, add more hot water to keep it soft.

Goody Bags:

When the kids arrive, give them each a barf bag filled with an inexpensive t-shirt they can decorate before the contest begins, a little jar to hold their Goopy Goop, breath mints (to get rid of the bad food taste), and some creepy gummi candies.

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Beach Party Recipe

Spider Treats

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